One of the safest ways to store valuables like your jewellery, important documents and other precious items is safe deposit vaults. Safe Deposit lockers are relatively safe for a person to store such valuables for a period of time.

Eligibility :

Safe Deposit Locker facility can be availed by individuals – either singly or jointly, Partnership Firms, Companies and Associations. Safe Deposit Locker facility is available at all our branches.

Vault Safety :

Safe Deposit lockers are small boxes kept in a room that is guarded heavily and has solid iron doors or concrete walls around it. To open the locker a pair of keys is needed, one key is with the Bank and the other is with the customer. Both keys have to be used together to open the locker.

Charges/Rent :

The locker rent is taken in advance for current year rent. Locker Rent is Rs. 1200/- per annum. For more details please visit our nearest branch.