The existing Board of Directors consisted of 13 elected members of Board of Directors (presently 12 members) with 02 co-opt Directors (specialized in Banking Finance and Law and 01 Directors as a Govt. (State) Nominee.

Current Management/Board- (2022-2027)

Sl No. Name of Directors Designation
1. Ashish Ghosh Chairman
2. Amal Kr Bain Vice Chairman
3. Barun Saha Director
4. Prasenjit Biswas Director
5. Tulsi Sinha Roy Director
6. Debabrata Ghosh Director
7. Nikhil Chandra Halder Director
8. Utpal Dutta Director
9. Sisir Mallick Director
10. Indujyoti Sarkar Director
11. Smritikana Howlader Director
12. Tanmoy Roy Director
13. Shouvik Mitra Director (Co-opt)
14. Dilip Kr. Basu Director (Co-opt)
15. Manoj Roy Director (Nominee-State Govt.)

Board of Management

Sl No. Name of Members Designation Profile
1. Pabitra Kr. Datta Chairman EX RBI Official
2. Dilip Kr Basu Member EX RBI Official
3. Amit Kr. Guha Neogi Member EX RBI Official
4. Shouvik Mitra Member EX Official, UCO Bank
5. Adwaita Biswas Member Ex Official, UBI and Allahabad Bank
C.E.O           Debasish Bhattacharjee