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Our Featured Products


Cash Certificate

Cash Certificate/Fixed Deposits are one of the most popular ways to save money. They are a safe investment, offer good returns, and are easy to open.In a Cash Certificate, you put a lump sum in your bank for a fixed tenure at an agreed rate of interest. At the end of the tenure, you receive the amount you have invested plus compound interest.

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Fixed Deposit Monthly

In a Fixed Deposit one can pick the mode of interest payment. There are mainly two types of modes of receiving the interest. One is cumulative option where the interest is compounded on a quarterly, paid on the maturity of the FD/ auto renewed. The other is a non-cumulative option which is paid in the form of monthly interest or quarterly.

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Daily Deposit Scheme

 A unique savings scheme wherein, the daily income earners can park their surplus funds.An authorized agent of the Bank collects the daily deposits from the customer’s doorstep.An ideal product for those who are into business/self-employment.

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Recurring Deposit

A Recurring Deposit, commonly known as RD, is a product to provide a person with an opportunity to build up saving through regular monthly deposits of fixed sum over a period of time
An RD account holder can choose to invest a fixed amount each month while earning decent interest on the amount. RDs are an ideal saving-cum-investment instrument.

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Business Loan

Samata Bank provides different types of term loans having a different interest rate, term, qualification. Term loan is a short to long term loan given by banks to business. Businesses utilise this amount to meet its working capital requirements, asset purchase, expansion, etc.

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Home Loan

Now fulfil your dream to own a house. Avail our home loan at attractive interest rate for construction of dwelling house or purchase of ready build house/Flat/Bungalow etc. Home Loan Scheme is designed just so you can get that perfect home you always wanted, at a price that you can afford.

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Vehicle Loan

Give life to your dream of buying a car or a bike. Now purchase a new car, a new two-wheeler or a commercial Vehicle with our Samata Vehicle Loan at attractive interest rate.

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Gold Loan

In case of an urgency of any sort of financial needs, rely on Samata Bank’s Gold Loan to get a loan approved of max Rs. 25 Lakh instantly.

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